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Most dogs love activities in and around water. To prevent accidents, safety should always come first, because even good swimmers can unexpectedly get into life-threatening situations without a waistcoat. The MOSS swim vest offers perfect wearing comfort and maximum safety for young and old. The waistcoat is broadly padded in the chest area and can be adjusted continuously. On the stomach, Velcro fasteners and two wide nylon straps ensure a reliable fit – these are also individually adjustable. Thanks to the eye-catching colour and reflective elements, the dog is always well seen. The buoyancy also keeps the bathing fun going for longer, because the waistcoat supports swimming in a pleasant way. If the dog wants to rest, the generous wrist strap on the upper side can be used to get him back onto the stand-up paddling board, into the boat or onto the shore. The MOSS swim vest is a reliable, robust companion for active four-legged friends and should always be taken along on trips to the water.

Note: Wearing a dog life jacket, when used correctly, can reduce the risk of accidents such as drowning. Please never leave the animal unattended with the life jacket on. The life jacket does not protect against hypothermia during a prolonged stay in the water. It should also be checked regularly for damage or loose parts and replaced if necessary.

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